How We Got Started

A Message from Maria Nevils

It all began with a leading, a feeling in your gut that this is what you are suppose to do. Open a business, where I could use the skills I had acquired during the last twenty years. In the past I did research, was an interpreter, director of a plasma center, taught school, and ran a children's urban ministry for a year. During my enlisted years in the military, I was a dental assistant and a medical administrator; as an officer I practiced dentistry and was nicknamed "the go to captain."  I knew I could use my skills to partner with my husband who had over 25 years of military experience, 24 in special operations (Rangers and Special Forces) to provide world class services to individuals in the military, law enforcement, and the civilian sector seeking to think differently about being effective and efficient in their perspective disciplines.

At the Redeployed llc, we believe excellent training is what catapults individuals into their destiny. The proper training gives an individual perspective, the necessary skills to advance in any field, and it gives them the confidence to pursue their passion. 
It is our honor to continue to bring world class training to individuals from all walks of life to enhance their calling in life.


Dr. Maria Nevils DDS and Jack Nevils SGM (R)

Listen to Jack tell us about his history and vision