the Redeployed at Moss Creek Ranch Big Springs, Texas

H3 - Helicopter Hog Hunting



Are you ready to get harnessed onto the side of a helicopter with a semiautomatic AR and have the wind blowing against you while stalking these pesky porcine vermin infesting the Great State of Texas? Well get ready then for the most fun you can have with your clothes on!  Helicopter Hog Hunting (H3) is an amazing high adrenaline experience for the person who loves all forms of hunting! This opportunity offers a target rich environment, all the ammo you can shoot, and an amazing pilot that gets you into the thick of these prolific critters. The hunt gives you two hours of low altitude trigger time in the helicopter. AR-15s with silencers, red dot sights, brass catchers, and bunch of loaded magazines are provided for each hunter. Each hunter has a communication headset with pilot to coordinate fires on to target. The cost of the hunt is $2400.00 per hunter. Get ready for an experience of a lifetime!          

Cost: $2400.00 per person for 2 hours of funnest trigger time you will ever have.