the Redeployed at Moss Creek Ranch Big Springs, Texas

5 Day Long Range Scoped Rifle Operator Course


Description: Please call to confirm dates and pricing. Our courses are custom tailored to each organization.

This course is designed for all personnel employing long-range precision fires for tactical operations. The course begins with unknown distance range estimation, movement into and establishing firing positions, alternate firing positions, advanced ballistics, use of organic night vision equipment, and rapid engagement techniques. Students will live fire on unknown distance ranges out to 1000 meters during daylight and hours of limited visibility. Professional weapons handling and application are reinforced thru all phases of training. All trainers are former Army Special Forces (Green Berets) that have served as instructors at the JFK Special Warfare Center and Schools proponent for Special Operations Sniping (SFSC/SOTIC).  Trainers also have years of Special Operations experiences in combat across the operational continuum.