SERE (Point of Capture)

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In the SERE community, we have always been taught your best chance of escape is at the Point of Capture. The longer and deeper one gets under the control of their adversary the probability of successful escape diminished exponentially. Soldiers are trained in intelligence operations to identify indicators of potential hostilities and are trained in ‘survival’ skills once they have become a captive or Prisoner of War (POW). The focus of this course is the training gap between these two realities. In the diverse operational environments our soldiers are deployed to, they are exposed to Terrorism, Narco-Terrorism, Human-Trafficing, Black Market / Underworld Enterprises, opportunistic crime, organized crime, and exploitation from Foreign Intelligence Services. All of these pose their own unique threats particularly when deployed to semi-permissive or non-combat theaters of operation where the lines are blurred between friend and foe. The common thread of these non-state actors and state sponsored organizations are the surveillance and pre-contact tells that occur in human terrain environment. This course addresses basic skills for Low Level Source Operations to create an organic early warning network to either prevent an attack or give the soldiers critical pre-fightindicators allowing them to better counter hostilities. When individuals or small teams are blindsided or ambushed, milliseconds count in their ability to foil an attempted abduction or assassination. At this critical ‘Point of Capture’ there are just few moments to regain the initiative and dictate the outcome of the fight. This is done with the same methodology as Immediate Action Drills that are used in overt military tactical operations. The individuals or small teams must be able fight, move, and communicate immediately and efficiently to counter the enemy’s intentions. When conducting low visibility operations, the tools carried by the individuals, their proficiency with those tools, and the preparation of their vehicles and kit is critical to mission success. Even with the best laid plans, there is always the possibility of becoming incapacitated or overwhelmed and taken prisoner. This course conducts practical exercises on restraint defeat and picking of common locks with premade and improvised tools.


Understanding HUMINT                                      Counter Arrest Strategies
Non-Tactical Vehicle Operations                        Restraint Defeat
Covert Methods of Entry                                     Mobile Surveillance Detection
Low Level Source Methods for Force-Pro         Concealed Weapons Employment
Singleton/ Tandem Survival                                 Non-Verbal Communications
Use of Open Source Intelligence                         Elicitation Methods