Two Day Civilian Personal Defense Course


Topics Covered:
  •  Mindset and Mental Strategies for Personal Defense
  •  Fundamental Pistol Handling and Marksmanship Procedures
  •  Fundamental Folding Knife Handling Procedures
  •  Defensive Employment of Handgun Procedures
  •  Edged Weapon as a Defensive Tool
  •  Defensive Procedures and Strategies In and Around Your Vehicle
  •  Defensive Procedures and Strategies for Your Home
Equipment Needed:
  •  Firearm with a Concealed Holster
  •  250 rounds of Ammunition
  •  Seasonal Clothing
  •  Footwear for Outdoor Activities
2 Days of Lodging and Meals on Ranch included in Price

Slots are limited to 8 participants per class
Pricing: $1950.00

Training and Lodging Location: Moss Creek Ranch, Big Spring, Texas

Nearest Airport: Midland International Air & Space Port (MAF) approx. 50
minutes from Moss Creek Ranch