Welcome to the Redeployed

Our mission is to inspire good. 

Leading from the front to encourage those around us is how we can effect change in this modern world.  

What the ReDeployed stands for

Leading from the Front

Our focus here at The Redeployed is to inspire people through good leadership and excellent training.  A lifetime in the military and years training our law enforcement community we stand for those that stand up for us. 

Our mission reaches beyond our military and first responders to those who are looking to find empowerment and their purpose.  Everyone in life can feel like they are being beat down or defeated, we teach people how to become bigger than their problems and take control of fear to overcome and be victorious!

Leading by Example

Jack Nevils is the example of overcoming obstacles that life throws your way.  He has become an inspiration to so many of us that needed that extra push.  Through a lifetime of true service and dedication to the safety of others his lessons encourage us to face the fear and find a way.

Whether Jack is speaking to a Corporate Group trying to improve their work ethic within a company or if he is on the range with a Special Forces Team he communicates in a way that reaches our core belief system and inspires a better version of ourselves. His reputation of a high standard and servant leadership encourages us all to aspire do better.